Do you really want to vote NDP?

The polls are showing the Conservatives getting stronger. Hudak is approaching majority territory. It will be a very close election.

So, if you are a progressive voter, what do you want to do with your vote?

You can give it to a member of the NDP but that will involve forgetting that when the Liberals raised the minimum wage Horwath sat on her hands.

When the Liberals talked about expanding public transit Horwath said not if it meant taxing ‘the middle class’.

When the Liberals brought down their budget Horwarth was seen standing outside with her moistened finger in the air.

It was revealed today in the Globe and Mail (Jun 2, 2014) that Hudak has been down to the U.S. consulting with leading right wing Replicans and members of the Tea Party group. He’s the same guy whose plan for 1,000,000 new jobs has just been demonstrated to be an arithmetical fantasy. But, as the Conservative spokesperson replied on CBC: ‘do you want to listen to a bunch of egghead economists or listen to what you know is right’.

That’s an interesting response because Andrea Horwath is now pushing the ‘common sense’ line in her TV ads.

One only has to remember what happened the last time the NDP felt they could pick up seats in an election to defeat the Liberals. That was when they brought down Paul Martin. And in one fell swoop we lost the Kelowna Accord (and who is now paying the huge price for that?) and a National Day Care program. Not to mention the enjoyable last eight years of Steven Harper’s government.

Nope, not only is a vote for the NDP a vote to the right of the Liberals in this election but a vote for the NDP may indeed be a vote for Hudak. When all the seats are counted, the Lieutenant Governor will approach whichever party has the most seats in the Legistlature


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