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June 29, 2012

‘I’m one of a kind’

There’s a new commercial on TV for Dr Pepper. Guy is walking down the street drinking a Dr Pepper when he tears off his shirt to reveal a t-shirt underneath. The t-shirt reads ‘I’m one of a kind’. The camera then pans out to dozens and hundreds of others tearing off their shirts to reveal identical t-shirts.

You have got to love the concept of hundreds of people looking exactly the same doing exactly the same thing proclaiming their individuality!

What f**n chutzpah. Do not buy Dr Pepper (who would anyway).

If the whole thing weren’t so trivial I would organize a boycott just because they think we’re all so stupid.

June 12, 2012

Addendum: How my parents met: grandmothers ring

In view of a recent family event I feel compelled to add this comment.
When my father returned to his home town of Radom after the war he headed to his old family apartment.
His father had buried some of the family valuables in the court yard at the start of the war. My father began digging but soon discovered the items had already been plundered
He knocked on the door of their neighbour to ask if they knew who had dug the stuff up or what had happened.
The man responded that he had no idea what my father was asking about.
Then his wife appeared at the door. She was wearing my father’s mother’s engagement ring.
My father confronted her asking how she had obtained it. She screamed some anti-Semitic comment at him, threw the ring at him and slammed the door in his face.
My father scooped up the ring and left.
A couple of years ago my father gave me the ring to keep as the only heirloom remaining from his family.
Just last week my son told me, on return from a driving vacation with his girlfriend to Quebec City, that he had given it to her and that he was now engaged.
Full circle.

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