Olympic recurve archery

This month marks a year since I’ve started doing Olympic recurve archery. What a treat it’s been!

There is a lot to write about archery from equipment to mindset. I will post in the future about some of the things I’ve learned along the way. For now I just want to give a heads up to Ron Jackson and the Ontario Centre for Classical Sports.

Ron is a former fencer and current archer who started the OCCS in Mississauga (3750 B unit 14 Laird Road, Mississauga). It is in an industrial park that is newly renovated with a large, fresh and modern look. He has about 24 lanes for archers of all skill levels in a very friendly and inviting atmosphere. Everyone who works there is great to deal with. I usually go at about 3 or 4 pm on a Saturday and there are usually only a couple other archers there with, perhaps, a class going on in a curtained off section. There is no crowding and no rivalry.

Oh, and they teach fencing as well!

It is sad that a city the size of Toronto really doesn’t have many archery venues. Shawn Adams runs a location near Danforth and Chester but there is a waiting list. Hart House at the University of Toronto has an archery range in place of the old gun range in the 2nd subterranean floor. It’s has room for about 8 archers, is crowded and hot. The people there are also pleasant but getting on the list is very difficult.

At the OCCS you can buy a 5 hour pass for $55 to be used any time they have open shooting. Ron also gives lessons and he is an excellent teacher (as are others on staff). He also runs a Pro Shop where I have bought all my equipment at very competitive prices. He custom twined my string and custom assembled arrows. Ron never seems rushed or patronizing although I have often asked really dumb questions.

As I said on opening, I will add to this post in the coming weeks. For me personally, the equipment has been a major part of the discovery of archery. From bicycles to bows, from baseball gloves to skates, I have always loved the technical aspect of any sport I’ve taken part of. I will delve into that. Stay tuned.


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  1. Thank you for your very kind review.

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