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October 30, 2011

Consumer reports: Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

So someone dinged me in a parking lot last week and I ended up with a small dent on the driver’s side door of my car.

I had heard of PDR–paintless dent repair–and thought I would give it a try as the paint was not damaged, just a dent in the metal.

I called Carstars, a body shop on Dovercourt where I had done work on my car before, and asked if they knew anyone who does PDR. They gave me Valter’s name.

As it turns out, Valter Caldeira works out of his house (but he also travels to customers) on Melita Ave at Christie and Dupont. He told me to come over to his place after my work and he would have a look.

About a half hour later I could not see the dent at all! He manipulated the metal by accessing the door panel through the window opening (very gently!) and worked and and re-bent the metal to its original shape. He then polished the paint and, bingo, I cannot see anything but a shiny good as new panel.

The cost was $100 but I’ve called around and he is on the low side of cost for this type of repair and it is much cheaper than an auto body shop would charge. And to have it done perfectly while I waited and just a couple of blocks from my home is quite a service.


Valter’s cell is 416-995-6150. Hopefully you will never need him but if you do it’s a great service.

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