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April 13, 2012

Leafs Nation to Tanenbaum: apology not accepted

Need I say more? Six years out of the playoffs. Finished worse than last year. Four years into the ‘new’ regime with absolutely nothing to show.

Burke insisting that he knows what to do, despite completely rebuilding the team with nothing to show for it. On what basis does Burke still insist that he has any idea what to do?

Burke likes big (although he admits he hasn’t gotten big). He likes Americans (like Kessel, need I say more?). He also really likes what he has done before (that’s why he brought in Giguere, Carlyle, Allaire).

At first I though Burke would be creative. He was looking at U.S. College players as a new source of talent. He brought in The Monster. I forgive him for the fact that taking a chance doesn’t always work.

But his real approach remains ‘whatever I did in Anaheim I will repeat here’. Doesn’t sound very creative to me. It sounds like he’s caught in a rut. And so are the Leafs.

Apology not accepted.

Do better.

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