Rob Ford, the Right and the failure of our education system

Yep, your heard me. They are all involved.

Rob Ford has been found guilty on conflict of interest charges. The prescribed penalty is banishment from office. You may think the penalty a bit harsh but that’s what it is. So now many members of the  body politic are up in arms. They say it’s undemocratic that a judge over ride the democratic choice of an electorate to remove Ford from office. I’m not going into this in a substantial way because in the past few days many others, more articulate than me, have done so. I just want to say that if you think an elected official found guilty of conflict of interest should not be punished then you have no clue as to what democracy is all about.

Why do we have laws to keep politicians in check if we aren’t going to use them? I find it disingenuous that the Right screams that it’s a left wing conspiracy that one of their own is found with their hand in the cookie jar and then claim it unjust when he is punished. And to make matters even more absurd, the proponents of mandatory sentencing rail at the harshness of the punishment meted out. They claim it is out of proportion to the circumstances that this should be taken into account.

Well, I say, welcome to the world of your own creation. How do you like it so far?

Nope, we’ve made a huge mistake in our school system. By putting so much emphasis on testing and acheivement we’ve forgotten about civic knowledge. It’s not that we need more ‘cooperative play’ in the schools. we have a lot of that and it doesn’t seem to have done much for us. What we need is a deeper pedagogy of teaching the roots and practice of democracy and our political system. Young adults have to graduate with critical faculties and the skill to understand and work with subtle nuances. Our educational system has proven itself not up to the task of teaching civics and critical thought.

If I were a teacher, I’d be ashamed of myself and my workplace right about now.

Otherwise, look what happens.


One Comment to “Rob Ford, the Right and the failure of our education system”

  1. Don’t worry Toronto! He’ll be back!

    But I don’t know how I feel about your education angle. My first reaction is to cite the general trend of society towards a kind of “moral relativism”, which I think comes with increasing liberalness, and probably also the diversity Toronto has. I’m quite tempted to also think – hey, that’s how they do it up there. I think it’s a really interesting question of how and to what extent we can demand ethical behaviour of our officials and those around us without resorting to religion or legislation. Well, I guess courts and legislation are pretty important. Anyway, I think there needs to be a bit of a philosophical shift of our society away from this sort of moral permissiveness.

    Well, that’s my first take on what you say anyway… And it’s a bit too much thinking for a Friday morning, frankly. Well, Fredly anyway.

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