Calgary Centre By-election: Nov 26

Well it looks like the left is about to do it again. I’m talking about handing the trophy to the Right without a fight.

The biggest disservice to Canada by a political party in recent memory has to have been the NDP handing the reigns of government to Stephen Harper in the first place. Until then he was a scary figure to most Canadians. He was unlikely to have won an election for Prime Minister outright.

By defeating the Liberals and handing power to the Conservatives, Jack Layton broke the cardinal rule. He handed power to the enemy thereby giving them the tools of government and all the perks one has to influence the outcome of future elections. What the NDP did was allow Stephen Harper to look Prime Ministerial and not so scary. They allowed him to position himself for the subsequent drive for a majority.

Of course, the NDP has always considered the Liberals the enemy and not the Conservatives in their naive drive to move Canada toward a two party system where they feel they would have a better opportunity to achieve power (a la Britain). In doing so they handed the reigns of power over to a brilliant tactician.

Tomorrow is a bi-election in Calgary Centre. The Conservative candidate is polling at 37% with the liberals in second place at 32%. The Greens are at 17% and the NDP at 12%. The riding has been Conservative since it’s inception in 2004 and prior to that the same area has been Conservative since dinosaurs roamed Alberta (which, in fact, they still do).

In the last election the Conservatives got 56% of the vote with the NDP in second spot at 16%. So the bi-election polls are showing a major realignment of voters’ sympathies. And as we know from Stephen Harper’s election, it’s easier to fight from an incumbent’s position than a challenger. What a sea change this would be for the political landscape.

The polls show that no one but the Liberals have a chance to knock off the Conservatives. Everyone else is way back. Nathan Cullen, when he ran for the NDP leadership spoke of cooperation among the progressive parties to unseat the Conservative. Elizabeth May expressed  similar thoughts.

Why then has it come to this? There is a chance to take a seat in the centre of the Conservative holy land. There is a chance her for a model of cooperation to unseat Stephen Harper in the next federal election. No one is asking the opposition parties to stand aside and not contest every close riding. But there are ridings where only one opposition party is close enough to unseat a Conservative and where the difference in polling suggests it would be an easy take. Calgary Centre is one such riding at a crucial time.

To think that the parties of progress might not be able to do the right thing is unbelievable. What we are witnessing is the handing of political power to Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada for the next federal election. If this is the future of politics in Canada then it will result in a real and significant cultural change as the Conservatives continue to stamp their misdirected interpretation of our history on this county.


5 Comments to “Calgary Centre By-election: Nov 26”

  1. The NDP are still gaining in the rest of the country.
    Calgarians are crappy, stupid people.
    They’re not smart enough to vote NDP.
    To give support to the Liberal party after the piss-poor job that they did over the last 10 years is proof of ignorance.
    Liberals could have toppled the Conservatives with Layton many times.
    Liberals gave control to Harper, AND helped him keep it.
    Layton created the coalition that Ignatieff killed.
    Liberals are an old party with no ideas that scrape the bottom of the barrel for leaders.
    This article was clearly written by an author that has no memory of politics over the last two decades.

  2. What does “stamp their misdirected interpretation of our history on this county” mean? That doesn’t make any sense.

    • It means that the Conservative Party spin on Canadian history revolves around the erasure of government involvement in the development of this country….the social programs, language laws, French-English cooperation (although not always), etc. It is this misleading interpretation of Canadian history that they wish to foster and ‘stamp’ on our collective consciousness.
      Does that help you out a bit?

  3. If you are going to call Calgarians crappy, stupid people, at least give us ONE reason to vote for NDP. Not smart enough? The entire western side of Canada hasn’t voted NDP in a long time. Pull your head out buddy.

    • Hey guys. Just remember that I didn’t say Calgarians are stupid and I certainly don’t believe them to be. And the polls showing the Conservative candidate to have only 37% of the vote is a demonstration of this. The previous commenter (Joe) certainly doesn’t represent MY point of view.

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