Mayor Rob Ford–really??

I am just apopleptic today. A day after another outbreak of gang violence in Toronto and the Mayor has spoken.

This is the Mayor who cannot deal with public transit improvement–who can only say ‘no’ to every workable plan, a Mayor who cuts back on libraries, public housing and community expenditures.

This is a Mayor whose sole focus is on Torontonians as taxpayers rather than citizens. A Mayor whose sole focus is tax cuts.

This Mayor’s solution to gang violence is to increase the police budget. And, this Mayor is so gutless that he won’t even try to fund such increases out of the City budget but rather is asking other levels of government to pay. He doesn’t even have the guts that Councillor Karen Stintz has. At least she believes that citizens of Toronto are mature enough to be asked to pay more in taxes in return for an increase in transit services.

Nope this chicken of a Mayor doesn’t even have the courage to spend Toronto’s money on something he truly believes in (notwithstanding that it is entirely misguided).

I’m disgusted by his lack of ANY understanding of social mechanisms and his complete lack of guts in tackling real problems.

He’s just the bully we always thought he was. Talks loudly and runs fast.


5 Comments to “Mayor Rob Ford–really??”

  1. Doesn’t this remind you of Mike Harris? Luckily for us (I guess) Mayor Ford doesn’t have the power to ram-rod legislation based on zeal instead of pragmatic judgment.

    • Oh, absolutely. The problem is that the right seems to be able to inflict longer term damage that the left can’t undo later. Look at amalgamation as an example.

      Ford is just so lost in any discussion that matters it’s embarrassing. But, just as with Mike Harris, who I would have bet on to not get re-elected, Ford still is electable. Amazing. Simply amazing.

  2. This guy is totally unreal.. Did you hear his plans to use immigration laws to stop gun violence? Hunh?!

  3. I can only assume you’ve had a heart attack by now:

    “Money talks and B.S. walks,” the mayor said when asked about his expectations for the meeting. “I’m not going to sit there and listen to some B.S. and reports and yadda, yadda. I’ve got a busy city to run.”


    • Just two weeks ago Councillor Adam Vaughan was complaining that no one sees the Mayor anymore. Ever since his TTC plans were literally de-railed, he has been pouting and not attending to business.
      Now he claims he has a ‘busy city to run’. Maybe if he actually got around to running the city things wouldn’t have gotten to this stage.

      Nope. No heart attack. Just a really unpleasant indigestion.

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