‘I’m one of a kind’

There’s a new commercial on TV for Dr Pepper. Guy is walking down the street drinking a Dr Pepper when he tears off his shirt to reveal a t-shirt underneath. The t-shirt reads ‘I’m one of a kind’. The camera then pans out to dozens and hundreds of others tearing off their shirts to reveal identical t-shirts.

You have got to love the concept of hundreds of people looking exactly the same doing exactly the same thing proclaiming their individuality!

What f**n chutzpah. Do not buy Dr Pepper (who would anyway).

If the whole thing weren’t so trivial I would organize a boycott just because they think we’re all so stupid.


2 Comments to “‘I’m one of a kind’”

  1. I think you’re just annoyed because you now have to throw away your ‘I’m one of a kind’ t-shirts, since you’ll look like an unoriginal schlub.

    • No, I figure I’ll be able to pick one up cheap soon when all those creative and self indulgent kids look at their friends and figure out what’s going on.

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