Toronto Maple Leafs….ugly…

The Leafs have not made the playoffs since 2004.

Brian Burke has been General Manager since November 2008. As far as I know not a single player currently on the team remains from the pre-Burke era. In other words, this team is entirely of his making.

Ron Wilson has been coach since June 2008. All the current players on the team have ‘come of age’ under him and Burke.

Toronto is currently clinging to the last playoff spot and sporting (as of today) a 4 game losing stream at a really bad time in the season.

So WTF is going on? How in the world was Wilson’s contract extended WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IF THE LEAFS ARE GOING TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS?

I’m not expecting the Stanley Cup anytime soon. But after almost four years of this tag team of Burke and Wilson shouldn’t someone be held accountable? Renewing contracts mid season without knowing if there is redemption of the slightest kind?

Poor management.

By they way, I really do love this lot of players on the team…if only we could (or would) get rid of Komisarek, Rosehill, and am I the only one who thinks Phaneuf is an over rated powder puff?


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