Laissez-faire control freaks, ie: Conservatives

Wow, what a bunch of control freaks.

Stephen Harper comes from the National Citizens’ Coalition and Reform Party barn of no role for government. He doesn’t believe in government as a civilizing role in mediating human affairs. Witness the drop in taxes (in order to make social services unaffordable) and his mismanagement of the economy — ie: the lack of management of the impending economic crisis until the opposition forced him to act.

Of course he has now turned his inaction cum mild stimulus of a rudderless ship into the ‘Government of Canada’s Economic Action Plan’. But I digress.

This group of MPs whose baser instincts led to the canning of the long form census as too intrusive into citizens’ (who have now, of course be renamed taxpayers) private lives, have backed the most controlling attack on our justice system with mandatory minimal sentencing (opposed by the legal profession and judges alike) and what will be the greatest expansion of imprisoned Canadians in this country’s history.

But this week brought a further assault on our freedoms and our private lives with Vic Toew’s  (the worrisomely 1984 named Minister of Public Safety) new legislation to allow the police to spy on our internet use without a search warrant. It’s not too hard to see what use the police could put these powers to in the event of a Canadian Spring. Let me just add here that child pornography is indeed abhorrent and no one I know condones it.

Conservatives always see sex and pornography under every rug. They are completely obsessed with pornography and crime (as they define it). Yet daycare for vulnerable children or child poverty doesn’t seem to register on their outrage-meter.

I would suggest that what some of these Ministers need to get laid but, if evidence about sexual activity from right wing American politicians applies in this country, they are likely getting sex. They are just feeling profoundly guilty about it and want to make sure that no one actually enjoys it.




3 Comments to “Laissez-faire control freaks, ie: Conservatives”

  1. Last line is gold…but I’m a little grossed out given my relationship with the source.

  2. Speaking of the Harper government’s ‘Orwellian’ approach, here’s another example of the Conservatives trying to funnel scientific discourse through the PMO:

    Read this – it’s pretty shocking

  3. Yeah, I read that. The Harper government is completely without morals and integrity.

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