Do the Brother Fords understand the concept of democracy at all?

Like Stephen Harper, Rob Ford thinks that winning an election every four years constitutes all the citizenry consultation necessary. Ford thinks he was elected dictator and that for the next four years ‘l’etat c’est moi’. The last leader with that attitude faced the guillotine.

Since his election, Ford has refused to listen to citizen deputations… the people have spoken and they have elected me.

He doesn’t feel he has to re-think his ludicrous transit plans. City Council’s votes are ‘irrelevant’….the people have spoken and they have elected me.

Because he was elected, no other forum constitutes democracy. In fact, though, he does occasionally ‘consult’ the people. He has his own pipeline to god—his cell phone. He often speaks of ‘hearing form the people’ by which he means someone (always someone who agrees with him) came up to him on the street or called him and said he is doing the right thing. This is all he needs to know the minds of the people.

If the Brothers Ford weren’t so dangerous and in a position to screw up this City, it would actually be funny.

For those of us expecting Ford to be a one term Mayor because he cannot help but screw things up, this has indeed happened. The difficulty will now be managing the next three years until we can throw the bum out.

What continues to confuse and amaze me is how the so-called ‘centrist’ Councillors can continue to put up with this buffoon. I continue to hope that this is the last straw and people like Josh Matlow find their genitals before he is forced to eat them in the next election (I believe the Beaver is still the official animal of Toronto).

L’etat, c’est moi, indeed!


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