Josh Matlow finds testicles….unfortunately they belong to someone else.

Earlier (Jan 10, 2012) we wondered whether Councillor Matlow had found testicles enough to stand up to Rob Ford. We concluded that indeed it was still safe to allow our daughters to roam the streets unaccompanied.

However, I am happy to report that Josh Matlow has indeed found a pair of testicles. It’s just that they aren’t his own. Matlow is quoted in today’s Globe and Mail as saying “I think the city did something unprecdented in that they made it clear …they weren’t going to bend. The strategy seems to have worked.”

Thus spoke ‘centrist’ Councillor Matlow. Now, of course, Matlow is a right-ist Councillor except when it looks like it will be so unpopular that his re-election would be in doubt. Anyone who votes with Rob Ford 50% of the time (yes, that’s the statistic) isn’t centrist but rather a hard right councillor with a view to his own survival in a mid-town constituency that is not traditionally conservative.

Now, as for testicles…yep Matt’s found a pair. But I’m not sure how long it will be before Mayor Ford loses enough weight to notice that his are missing.


3 Comments to “Josh Matlow finds testicles….unfortunately they belong to someone else.”

  1. Or he may chew them off again as the beaver does in times of peril.

    • Well, first he would have to own a pair. Perhaps Karen Stintz, who at least is honest in her conservatism, could lend him her newly acquired set.

  2. Pure gold! Excellent post!

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