Ford has found the gravy–oink!!

Well, folks, thanks to the only investigative reporter in the mainstream press, John Lorinc at the Globe and Mail, we learn today about the real gravy at Toronto City Hall.

Lorinc reports that Build Toronto (a public agency tasked with earning money for the City from its real estate holdings) has just decided that its executives should earn ‘competitive’ compensation rates to those in private industry. This will lead to up to 50% bonuses on base salaries in the $350,000 to $450,000 range for top execs and mid $200,000 for lesser executives.

These numbers are currently speculative because, in spite of the Brothers Ford policy of ‘respect for taxpayers’, non of these figures have yet been made public.

So the millionaire Brothers Ford who duped Toronto taxpayers with their ‘I’m just an average guy’ politics have indeed discovered  the gravy train at City Hall and we can all hear the grunts as their corporate friends line up at the trough.

In these days of the public’s dismay and disgust at corporate greed, the direction of the Ford administration (which, really, comes as no surprise) is truly pig-ish. I can hear the oinks as I write this.


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