Bateman’s Bicycle Company: a little local treasure

Unpaid advertising for Rob Bateman’s little bicycle shop. He rents space just beside Stanley’s variety store at 29 Baron St (southwest corner of Barton and Bathurst). The actual store is a tiny affair and he has the adjoining two garages that he uses as a workshop.

While Rob sells some new bikes, I haven’t ever bought one from him. But I have had him do some work on my bikes. About two years ago I put together a single speed for myself from a beautiful Jamis Sputnik frame (with Easton carbon fork) and a number of parts I bought off eBay and other places. After assembling it I went to Rob to let him give it a once over to make sure I didn’t screw up.

Since then I’ve had him look at a few things on my bikes and friends’ bikes.

Rob is very reasonably priced and knows about customer service. He is always happy to help out and is meticulous about the work he does. If you ask him to fix a chainring, he is just as likely to disassemble your bottom bracket to check that out. And while you think this may just be a money making attempt on his part, his rates are so reasonable that you really appreciate it.

And, as I mentioned, Rob is not the typical arrogant techie.

Bateman’s is a real community gem. His site:


3 Comments to “Bateman’s Bicycle Company: a little local treasure”

  1. The real question is how big a laugh he had at your expense when he saw what you’d put together. I hope you didn’t ride it over!

  2. Ok – sorry to flame you. Rather unwarranted. Your wisdom is great – let me ask you something –

    My chain has started to pop off my sprocket in moments of intense acceleration (typical of my cycling). Do you think I need to shorten my chain a bit (has it stretched?), or maybe replace my derailleur (not springy enough)? I’m assuming things are a bit loose. My sprocket is a bit wobbly, but that’s really a different problem.

    • You should have a look at your chainring and see if the teeth are worn. And there is a tool to measure your chain length. If your chain has worn and stretched, you are better off buying a new one. But, be warned, if it is been badly worn, you will likely need new rear cog as well… a more expensive part by far.

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