Splurging on dinner

Ok, so sometimes I need to step out a bit and do dinner in style. When that time comes, I often go to my favourite Portuguese restaurant in the College/Dufferin area. It’s at the higher end of my spending regime, but sometimes I feel I’ve been a good boy and I deserve it.

This place is staffed by professional waiters who know what they are doing. The service is pretty quick and happily appropriate to the cuisine. That cuisine is quintessentially Portuguese–the barbeque.

They barbeque bare steaks, that old time specialty, steak with an egg on it, all kinds of chicken and the real reason to go for Portuguese–fish. You can get grilled salmon, halibut, bream and, of course, cod. And with each of these fish you will get a couple of boiled potatoes (why do Portuguese potatoes taste so much better than my mother’s) and about a pound of steamed broccoli. Oh, and if you order the salmon, bring your appetite or plan on lunch the next day with the doggy bag you are going to take home. They don’t fool around here when it comes to portion size.

The salmon is going to cost you $13 (plus tax/tip).

The  large portion of chicken kabob comes with a great rice side dish (not just rice but with some kind of tomato sauce mixed in), a large salad and will set  you back $11.

Yeah, I know, I’ve gone over the top on my budget. But, really, this place is worth it.

In the summer time the real value comes to the fore. This might be the best patio restaurant in the city. It’s huge and treed and bustling with family activity. And if you hit it on a Wednesday, you will be treated to free portions of roast pig fresh off the turning spit. Vegetarians need not apply.

The icing on the cake? After 6 pm, on street parking is free… unless of course the weather is nice and you don’t need parking because you cycled over.

This place is great and I highly recommend it. Too bad, though, that Matt Galloway outed in during the World Cup of Soccer last year as the best patio in the City at which to watch the games. As a result I found it hard to get a seat in prime time. So I am not going to Galloway it to another audience.

Just rest assured that if you don’t know where I am talking about, you are really missing a great deal and a great experience.


3 Comments to “Splurging on dinner”

  1. Hey so I have a mystery restaurant where you can get wonderfully done (secret ethnicity) chicken with (secret vegetable) for about $10 a head. Never miss it when I come to town, and it’s right in your neighbourhood (well, a bit **** of Bathurst). Maybe you could review it on your blog?

    • Only a pugilistic ex-Leaf would submit such a cryptic and meaningless comment!
      Hey, Chris, how is San Francisco treating you?

      • Hey man – I don’t reveal your real name! SF is fine, much cooler than TO these days which is nice. I think, by the way, there’s a similar car/bike/pedestrian tension here, though Californians are really bad drivers to start with. What’s more, they have neighbourhoods (neighborhoods I guess) here that I’m afraid to bike through.

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