Eating Matt Galloway

Well, he’s done it again. Matt Galloway of Metro Morning on CBC Radio I mean.

He lives in downtown Toronto and I am convinced he’s out to ruin my leisure life. During the FIFA World Cup he talked about a certain Portuguese restaurant on College St as having the best patio in Toronto at which to watch soccer.

Well that did it for me getting a table on the patio last summer.

Now he has a schtick where he is asking people to out their best kept secret places to take out of town visitors to see the real Toronto. This week someone from the Cookbook Store spoke about the great sandwiches at a little place that I frequent on the way back from a long bicycle ride. It only has about four outdoor tables and cannot handle a crowd. I haven’t been there since the program but I presume that’s been ruined as well.

So what’s with that, Matt? Are you out to ruin my life?

I’m going to have to start following Matt around so I can out his favourite places so he can see how it feels.


2 Comments to “Eating Matt Galloway”

  1. Come on Hot Rod, tell us the name of the sandwich place! Or are you worried that you wield similar place-ruining powers?

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