Difficult budget choices for the Right Wing at TO council

So the police budget is up for discussion (or not) in good old TO. The budget chief, Mike del Grande, himself a Right Winger,  is objecting to the $29million spent on hiring off duty cops for a number of tasks that don’t require trained policemen (traffic duty around construction sites, etc).

Now $29,000,000 seems like a lot of money to me. However Doug Ford (half of the Siamese twin pair of RobDoug) is complaining that it is only a small fraction of the budget and not worth worrying over. In fact he complained when the budget committee spent ‘an hour’ discussing this topic saying that was too much time for such trivial matters when there was money to be found elsewhere.

I don’t know about you, but $29million is more than I earn in an hour. I think that’s time well spent.

You know, I find it very interesting that Right Wingers like RobDoug claim to be interested in stopping the gravy train and decreasing the size of government. Yet when it comes to law enforcement, despite all the evidence that crime is down, they continue to insist on spending more.

Just like the Harper Conservatives in Ottawa. They complain about budgetary constraints. They cannot find money to fix infrastructure (even though it would increase employment as well as productivity) but they have billions to spend on prisons and the military.

If the Right had their way, government would wither away except for a massive police and prison system. Which is a good thing since after they got through destroying all the civilizing edifices of a modern civic society we would need all that law enforcement.

Is it any wonder that police forces use their authority with such relish in circumstances like the G20 fiasco. They know where their bread is buttered.


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