Election diaries: It’s over!

….the debate, at least. Thank goodness that’s over.

CBC Newsworld (as I’ve complained before) covered it like a game show. In the hours leading up to the debate they had a ticking clock in the lower right hand of the screen counting down the hours, minutes, yes even seconds, to the debate. There was  talk about what each leader had to do to ‘win’.

And after it was over, all the talk was about form and not substance. No one on the ‘news’ seemed to care about what the politicians had to say. It was all about scoring points moving up the polling ladder. This from the same journalists who decry the demise of debating and discussing policy. And why are fewer people voting? I don’t know…. maybe the press coverage and cynicism has something to do with it?

You know, I really tried to watch the debate but had to turn away from it frequently. Stephen Harper just looked into the camera and continued to deny any of the truths thrown at him by the others. In fact he never seemed to notice the others. His entire engagement was with the camera. I don’t call that a debate. When debating, one faces their opponent and argues back and forth. Harper really does find other politicians superfluous, doesn’t he.

But Harper ‘stayed on message’ as reporters like to say. He ignored the debate. He ignored his political foes and just kept repeating the Big Lie that is his government,s and his message. He continued to repeat that, against all evidence, he was somehow handling the economy and guiding Canada out of the recession. He just kept on saying that, knowing that if he repeated it often enough, some people would believe him.

Ignatieff at least engaged with the others. But even though he harped on the Family Pack (what a name for a policy platform) there seemed to be no vision of Canada. That is what I have come to expect of him. He really doesn’t have an idea for what he would like to do if he becomes Prime Minister…. just thought it might be fun to try.

And if Jack Layton mentions ‘families’ one more time, I just may puke.

As it was, I lost my appetite early into this one. Too bad the Leafs are out of the playoffs. What is there to look forward to these days?


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