Election diaries: What is it going to take to stop the Gravy Train?

Yep, you heard me. I am fed up with the damned gravy train. I want it stopped. Rob Ford and Stephen Harper are right…. this gravy train is killing us.

Why do we have to put up with this crap?

Look at the latest stuff with Robdoug, Mayor of Toronto. He is handing out jobs without tenders or competition.

But if that isn’t bad enough, in a leaked draft of the the Auditor General’s report on the G8 security spending today, Sheila Fraser has fingered the Conservatives for jumping on the train as well. The Conservatives, apparently, are spending our money like drunken sailors. And not just on security. It’s rampant.

Now, that’s bad enough. But what really gets to me is that they are running around, all self righteous, saying that we should give them a majority so they can continue to maintain a steady hand at the helm. At just where are they steering us to? Well, it appears, the abyss.

I am really upset about the lack of ethics and the complete contempt of parliamentary democracy of the Conservatives. But I think that Canada will survive this fling with authoritarian government.

What I am really afraid of is the mismanagement of the economy. Remember the pain of the Paul Martin cuts after the Progressive Conservative years of Brain Mulroney? I don’t want to go through that again. But these fools who have now been in power for five years have not got a clue about how to run an economy.  Harper may have a degree in economics, but his lust for power, his absolute abhorrence of government (except when he is in control) and his ideological blinkers make him a fake as an economist.

If I recall correctly, wasn’t Jim Flaherty Minister of Finance in the Mike Harris government of Ontario… the same one whose belief in the discredited ‘trickle down economics’ left Ontario with massive budget deficits?

Yeah, well, he now has a bigger government to screw up.

Stop the gravy train! The engineer is drunk with power. Turf these spendthrifts out.


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