Election diaries: read someone else…

I feel I must pass on the two links below.

Jeffrey Simpson is a columnist for the Globe and Mail. He has historically been a small ‘c’ conservative columnist who has, I think, supported the Progressive Conservatives. I would refer to him as a Red Tory.

Lately, with the aggressive new American style of conservatism we are now seeing in Canada, thinking columnists like Mr Simpson are being led to the centre and even the liberal side of centre by their own thoughtful arguments.

Hence Simpson’s column today (Tories’ income splitting another nail in tax coffin) on Harper’s tax policy.

Now Henry Mintzberg, even though teaching management studies at McGill, has a history of liberal thought.

His article (Conserving Canada or a Conservative Canada?)  takes Harper to task over his concept of democracy and rallies to the cause of coalition government, something which has strangely become a dirty word in Canada.

Hell, so bizarre have conservative politicians become, that even the Globe’s Toronto politics columnist, Marcus Gee, quite a conservative writer has become outraged with Rob Ford’s politics.

Read on! There remains hope yet. Even conservatives have their limits to the nastiness that passes for politics by the right these days.


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