Election diaries: Mr Everyman

photo credit: jazz guy, wikimedia commons

The right (aka conservatives) always claim to speak for the common man/woman. Rob Ford in Toronto knows that the civil service’s gravy train is sucking the wealth out of  Mr/Ms everyman’s pockets.

And Stephen Harper says Michael Ignatieff is a cosmpolitan, an effete elitist, arrogant. Ok, Ignatieff is some of those things.

However….look whose talking.

Rob Ford inherited his job from his father… in both respects. Not only did his father start the label business that turned into the only real job Rob had held until 2000 at which time Rob even followed his father into conservative politics (his father was a Conservative MPP).

In other words, when Rob tells people to ‘get a job’ he really doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about.

And Stephen Harper is no better. Although Harper actually worked somewhere other than a sheltered work environment (ie: the family business) for a few years, he really is a career backroom boy and politician. For about the past 25 years he has worked as an assistant to politicians, policy advisor to politicians, head of a right wing lobby group (The Citizen’s Coalition) or as a politician. If ever there was an embodiment of the career politician, surely Harper is it.

Yep, when these guys look the camera in the eye and say sincerely that they are there for nothing but to further the interests of the common person you might just think to yourself—how the hell would either of these guys have a clue as to just what a ‘common person’ is.


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