Election diaries: The Liberals

Coupla’ days into the election and it is depressing. I don’t know if I can tolerate another several years of Steven Harper’s bombastic self centrism. But the Liberals are determined to hand the election to him.

We have been waiting for this election call for months but the Liberals seem not to have noticed. At all.

This past half year they have refused to publish their election platform. They have said they would when the election is called. Why? Are they afraid the Conservatives would steal their ideas? If so, then why not vote Conservative. If the Liberal’s platform is so close to the Conservatives, then why bother to vote for them.

And, after so many months, we are now 3 days past the non confidence vote and the Liberals still have not published ANY ideas? With what arrogance can they possibly feel that Canadians should consider them as a possible government? They have nothing to propose for this country’s future. No vision. No ideas. No platform.
For a couple of years now I have realized that for Michael Ignatieff this gig as Liberal Party leader has been a self indulgent journey. He already had a career in the U.S. He even identified as an American. In fact, his politics are not far off those of the old Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (you know, the days before Harper). I think he was looking for another challenge in life and figured this would be swell. It is certainly painfully obvious that he has no particular vision as Prime Minister. In that sense, the Conservative attack ads are correct. Ignatieff is in it for himself and not Canada. It’s just another gig for him.

Otherwise wouldn’t he have a platform?

I am sorry to be so obsessed with the Liberal Party and Ignatieff as the alternative to the Conservatives. It’s just that whether one supports the Liberals, the NDP or the Greens if we want to get rid of Harper, the LIberals have to make a strong showing in this election.
And right now, it doesn’t look like anyone with half a brain is at the helm of the Liberal Party.

But what do I know?


One Comment to “Election diaries: The Liberals”

  1. Very interesting post. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about Harper in future posts.

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