Election Diaries: The game has begun?

Or so the press would have you believe.

I know, to many progressive voters the choices are less than ideal. And what real impact will the outcome of this election have on the future of our lives, never mind Canada? But it does seem a little odd that with all the civil disruption going on across North Africa and the Middle East where people are literally dying for a chance to vote, that here in Canada we suffer what the press likes to call ‘election fatigue’ after only four elections in the past seven years.

But CBC is covering the election like a TV game show. Every day they announce a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’, they hype it for their own journalistic self promotion.

Now I’m all for fun and humour. But the media is part of the further denigration of our democracy. As ineffectual as going to the polls every four years (or sooner in this case) may seem, it is still an essential component of citizenry.

And there are indeed issues to be discussed and decisions about the future to be made. Let’s look at some of these in the days ahead.

A couple of things that perplex me are

…why are the Conservatives considered by many to be better stewards of the economy when their track record is quite to the contrary

…why is the term ‘coalition’ considered so poisonous to many

More later.

Last minute addition: Sunday night (March 27) and our public broadcaster has added a new ‘segment’ to their election coverage: Political Name Calling. Their ever intrepid reporter, Reg Sherren,  looked up a woman in Alberta with the name of “Elizabeth May’ (you know, the same name of the Green Party leader).

Now, stay with me on this one, the segment is not about politicians calling each other epithets. No it’s about ordinary people with the same name as a politician. Wow, got me on that one CBC! I mean who would have thought of that?

This apparently makes Ms May National Newsworthy. Reg interviews her and has a quick look around her town of Manning, Alberta. Not surprisingly he finds support for the Conservative Party. Elizabeth, however, cops to having voted Green in the last election. Wow, not only insightful reporting by the never to be outdone CBC, but also with a quirky ending.

Now that’s what I think Friends of Public Broadcasting has in mind when they campaign to preserve the CBC.


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