Hello world!

I have been posting at West Annex News, a premier blog focussed on the West Annex (Toronto) but also encompassing news and views on diverse subjects from urban affairs to the body politic and cycling matters.

I decided to set up a central storage facility for my writings. Not all can be published in the WAN as it is not set up to be a vessel for just my views. Nor do I believe that my views or insights are seminal events in the intellectual life of society. Too many blogs are self referential and of no import to any beyond a narrow scope.

But in the hopes of stimulating some discussion of matters I find interesting I give you….my blog. I come at matters from a firmly progressive point of view. But I also am equally critical of narrow thinking whether on the Left or Right. I am an equal opportunity critic.

I also hope that venting here may allow me a more peaceful night’s sleep from time to time. My opinions are often fluid and open to confirmation as well as revision as I, and others, continue to educate me.


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